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“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much”

– Helen Keller

Our Story

Blue Mind is in the business of male personal development.

Launched in December 2021 by Co-Founders Mark Kozminski, Winston Williams, and Ed Bassett to develop a male centred platform for personal growth.

We recognise that men have different needs, respond in different ways and can level up in many ways, as we seek to do. We are not therapists. We are about harnessing high performance and encouraging self awareness.

This is a non judgemental and supportive community where we seek to lift us all up. We share our experiences and talk to experts to provide insight and perspectives which we will open some doors to growth.

We focus on three areas of learning and development –

  • The Real You
  • Evolve or Repeat
  • Daily Habits

Via E-learning, Social media, YouTube, Press, Public speaking, Podcasts and Blogging we aim to reach 1 billion men in our lifetimes.



Raising Male Consciousness

The Blue Mind Team

“Leave nothing important unsaid.”

After suffering from a gambling addiction for over 15 years, which resulted in stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, self-belief and direction, concluding in divorce and a drink driving conviction, Mark immersed himself in personal growth. Initially through reading and regular exercise, and more recently meditation, Mark shifted his identity away from the person that didn’t serve him, nor his family, for many years. An incredibly proud father to identical twin boys, Mark runs two start-up companies, is involved in coaching local football and rugby teams, enjoys fundraising for charity and community projects while continuing to commit to his physical, mental and emotional health.

“Calm is a super power.”

Ed discovered after redundancy, divorce and a family bereavement that life was much richer when you stretch a hand out to others. A free spirit and keen traveller, avid rugby fan and endurance sportsman, Ed worked Internationally for 20 years in oil before going self employed 5 years ago and is now involved in an indoor climbing company and running a fast growing camper hire company. Father of two teenagers, Ed is involved in a number of non profits, is an Ambassador for Staffordshire, a mentor and is a passionate believer in finding your own voice, speaking your own truth, the power of challenge building change and gratitude based, goal centred living. A rather bad cook Ed is attempting to now not eat meat or drink. 

“I recognise I have huge creative talents but also quite a manic personality so learning new skills to manage my active mental chatter has been paramount to recovery”

“If not me then who? If not now then when?”

Winston moved from the UK to Denmark in 2007, after almost 10 years in luxury brand retail. There he married his danish girlfriend, and they had their first child. They divorced after almost 10 years together, but have a great relationship to this day.After two marriages, Winston began using his experience to inspire others to improve their lives by living their values and becoming clear about boundaries. That led him to coaching, where he uses his skills and experience from in psychology and psychiatric treatment. Winston is a narrative coach based in Denmark, who is also training to become a psychologist.

Develop a Blue Mind

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