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Why don’t I like myself?

Why do many people struggle with liking themselves? As someone that struggled to like themselves for the majority of my life, I was shocked and surprised to learn that many
things my parents told me

50 things I wish my parents had told me

50 things I wish my parents had told me #bluemind
mens personal development

Acceptance, 007 and Zen mastery

We examine what is awakening and self-acceptance, why being right doesn't matter and why being yourself does
what makes men happy?

How to make men happy

We know everyone is different, gender stereotyping is wrong and in any healthy relationship both partners should consider each others needs…..but here our our top 6 on understanding what makes
Growth mindset

Growth Mindset & Action Plans

What is a Growth Mindset? “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, I’m possible!” – Audrey Hepburn Do you believe that you can improve your skills through dedication, hard work,

Diet & Hydration for men

What diet are you on at the moment? Is your diet working for you? How are your energy levels and you mood? Do you need some inspiration? Winston writes about
Why you need a divorce

Why you need to get a divorce

You need a divorce. From the old you. Mark shares his highly personal story of self reflection and personal growth

Finding Purpose

What’s the point? Finding Purpose Have you ever found yourself procrastinating, or doubting the point of what you are doing? Have you ever lost motivation and had a hard time

Why gratitude matters

Gratitude is fundamental to the real you This is blog I’ve been itching to write. Metaphorically. Why? Seven years ago I woke up to the fact that I had been
community first

We rise by lifting others

Giving back and supporting others is integral to a balanced and contented life

Daily training is a mindset

Why you should train A letter written to the U-16 boy’s rugby team pre season and mid pandemic 2020 “Firstly, congratulations on deciding to play rugby. It’s the greatest team

Angry or lost boys?

By Emma Pritchard (Accredited Counsellor and Certified Forest Therapist) Since qualifying as a counsellor in 2014  I have received many referrals for young boys and young male adults labelled as “angry”