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50 things I wish my parents had told me

  1. You don’t know yet what you will know. So remain calm when you don’t know.
  2. Doing nothing is not an option.
  3. Your Truth matters above else, and others’opinions. Agree to disagree more. 
  4. Stop trying to be liked. Most people won’t like you regardless of what you do.
  5. Your life is your life. Remove others expectations of it. 
  6. Making an apology is a gift. They work for you and not against you.
  7. ‘I don’t know’ are the three most underused words in the English language. 
  8. Silence is an acceptable answer.
  9. You have one body. Don’t kill it with putting crap in it.
  10. Calm is a superpower.
  11. Time heals most things. It’s a medicine for pain.
  12. You don’t have to understand others but you owe it to yourself and others you love to understand yourself.
  13. Love yourself before anyone else. 
  14. Fools seek popularity. 
  15. A man comfortable on his own has the most powerful mind.
  16. Solitude enables gratitude.
  17. There are more people that would be grateful for your problems than want your possessions.
  18. Vanity is the route of self loathing.
  19. Greed is a poison. You can’t dilute it. 
  20. Love is hard to find but harder to give.
  21. Integrity is what you do when nobody is watching.
  22. A hashtag doesn’t make you a Buddha.
  23. Your ego will make you ill.
  24. and Secrets will make you sick.
  25. Forgiveness is about setting yourself free, not letting others off the hook.
  26. A strong man will not run from pain.
  27. Make daily movement as habitual as making your bed and eating your breakfast.
  28. You need to be responsible for your life. Nobody will save you from yourself.
  29. Self sabotage is the Universe telling you you need words for your pain.
  30. Tears are necessary.
  31. Men need to cry more.
  32. We all need to talk more and listen more than we talk.
  33. Everything that grows starts in the dark.
  34. Your best effort is more rewarding than your easiest win.
  35. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.
  36. Life is always essentially tragic but a joyous life is a choice.
  37. One word can change a life, and destroy it.
  38. Your guilt is God telling you he hasn’t forgotten you. Find him or your spiritual self.
  39. The Universe knows best and will show you. Trust in that.
  40. You are incredible. You forget that sometimes so always build others up.
  41. You can change your life in an instant.
  42. Don’t hide from something you really want. It will burn your soul to dust.
  43. Failing is, like love, prone to be the worst and best times of your life.
  44. Negative people have no place at your table.
  45. Choose your tribe wisely and stop watering dead trees.
  46. Some people don’t like you changing. They need you to be the same to justify themselves. 
  47. One day will be your last. No amount of wealth you accumulate can change that fact.
  48. Time spent hating your work is time not worth having.
  49. Don’t be addicted to anything apart from growth.
  50. Be yourself. It’s all you start and end with.